Hampshire Country Fair

Well what a great weekend, good weather, good to catch up with a couple of friends from another fourm Im on, and have a good yarn over the weekend, about this n that, many thanks guys .

Ok well a little strange taking a Landy loaded with bundles of hazel to a show crowbaring holes sticking it in then cutting n laying it all , out of season & in the slowest possible time you can over 2 days. good job people did stop n chat other wise could have been a bit . but we were ready for the masses to quiz us

what ya doing

why ya doing that

whats that for

whys yours different to his  (friend did SoE  South of England)

reconed we answerd well pointed them right direction etc etc etc

Little different doing Dorset style on dead flat ground and only having so much to play with as it were

Pleased we did it though hope we showed why we should look after and keep our hedges maintained