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Wow how time fly’s

Updating the gallery with pictures from shows, events and regrowth, but just checked in here to The Blog to see last posting was back in March. where has the time gone ?. Overall dont think the summer has been to

Government Grants

Here is the link to the Government Grants, the closing date is 3rd May. Do not delay

Washed out

The end of the 2018/19 season is very nearly with us, and on a day like today we look back and think, considering its a seasonal job the winter hasn’t been to bad. We had some snow late in the

Hurdcott Salisbury

75m of South of England , this is just a small section of the total, during the nice weather of Feb 2019

Litton Cheney 160m

At the top of Litton Cheney along the A35, looking down into the Valley 160m length and dropping away over a 47 degrees slope 

297m of South of England Style

220m Dorset Style just outside Swyre

Maybe a little early

For the last 3 months having had a 3/4 hr drive to get to the job, I was on auto pilot this morning .Left same time but to go just 2 mile, still it was quiet out 

Just little bits from current job

Well what a month so far on this job, pouring with rain brilliant  sunshine, signs of others past work, bit of walling right down in the ditch. Looking down the field left hand side done, with about 50m on the

A very nice little bit on the Echo Tools UK page

A nice bit of advertising for both company’s I would say