What a way to start the season

Just had a great day at the Melplash Hedging competition 2018.

Managed a 1st in Local class, 1st in Open class and then Overall winner brilliant start just hope it can last. It was great to see new faces and hope they will return  to other contests over the coming season.

Well done to all taking part

End of season to end of summer

Well Im sorry, Ive just come on here to say that’s the end of the summer show season for this year, only to see my last post was stating the end of the hedging season for 17/18.

I just dont know where the time has gone.  Four shows done, bookings have been taken and still are. Now its down to the weather, what will mother nature bring us after such a warm/hot summer. We can only wait and see. I would like to thank those that popped by for a chat either at Sherborne, Melplash, the Oak Fair or this weekends Dorset County Show. We have been invited to attended Cattistock County Fair next year, so a new one to look out for.

All done for season 17/18

What a wet way to finish the season, last job about 180 odd meters, was about 600 going to 780m walk when I finished, the ground was just so wet there wasn’t much chance for any “road” going 4×4 truck. But we got it done and completed the season.

Below is the link for the current grants for hedgerow and boundary work well worth a look. You have to have it all sorted before work is agreed etc, you cant do the work then submit your claim



Happy to liaise with you while your submitting your request, once again I must thank you all and hope to see you at some shows over the summer. Bookings taken all year round

Almost there

Well the weather these last few weeks has been very mixed, but we are almost there, second season up Salisbury way with a 3rd booked in providing the hedge puts a burst on. At this moment in time we have approximately 130m remaining for this season, putting me around the 2100m mark in total for this year.

With bookings in for this coming/next season already. I would like to thank all landowners big or small for this season and hope to see you again .

Please dont wait until the season is upon us for quotes, as I work on a 1st come/to accept basis. Im happy to quote all through the year. 

Season is flying by

Thought it about time I just checked this blog and the gallery only to see Xmas was the last time.

The season is flying by and since Xmas we have completed 291m of South of England, 134m for the National Trust., and still have 370m left to do this season. So finger crossed for some good weather, can be as cold sunny or windy just not the rain, more for the fact of access onto fields.

We can only see what mother nature brings us


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

HRH Patron Day Sandringham

A very good weekend spent at Sandringham at the Patrons competition, this year aimed at encouraging younger & novice cutters with tutors assisting. 6 styles were represented Dorset, Devon, North Somerset, South of England, Midlands and Lanc’s & Westmorland. A very good show of all styles was presented to HRH as he walked down the line speaking to each cutter in turn. I was fortunate to be presenting the Dorset cutters to HRH, and explaining our style to him. A good day was had by all persons attending and HRH was very pleased with seeing so many up and coming youngsters and novice cutters…

Grants are available again


National Championships

Well the time is just flying by, its been 2 weeks since the Nationals and Ive only just got round to putting this in.

A very good 4 days was had , a lot of setting, then the taking part followed by the clearing away. This year I came 2nd in Class which having drawn a poor section wasn’t so bad. I must say congratulations to Tim Frampton on coming 1st in our class, and very well done to Malcolm Johnson on becoming overall Champion. further details can be found covering all class’s at http://www.hedgelaying.org.uk/pg/nationals/2017.aspx

Many thanks to all that helped and congratulation to all that took part

Judged Instead

Well for the 1st time in 18 years I didn’t take part in the Melplash Hedgelaying contest, I judged instead. Maybe not such “hard work” but the worry of getting it right and doing a good job for those that are working to do there best and deserve the effort to be scored correctly it is just as bad. Here is just a few pictures I took while doing Judging duties. Its nice to see some that have been to our training days doing well and returning the following year to have another go. Thanks to Mark Tilley for being my co judge, also to Peter Yates and David Pitman judging the other classes


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