Author: Russell

297m of South of England Style

220m Dorset Style just outside Swyre

Maybe a little early

For the last 3 months having had a 3/4 hr drive to get to the job, I was on auto pilot this morning .Left same time but to go just 2 mile, still it was quiet out 

Just little bits from current job

Well what a month so far on this job, pouring with rain brilliant  sunshine, signs of others past work, bit of walling right down in the ditch. Looking down the field left hand side done, with about 50m on the

A very nice little bit on the Echo Tools UK page

A nice bit of advertising for both company’s I would say  

Well a bit damp

Ok we all know were coming into winter and its going to be wet. But what about the temperature were into Dec and even on the over cast days its still so warm. Could do with some proper winter temperatures

Brilliant day for The Dorset Hedgelayer

Very pleased to be invited to The Patrons hedgelaying event held at  Highgrove.   Nice to talk to HRH again and him remembering we did Dorset last year and the differences between the styles. A very good day and a 3rd

Just a little different

IMG_1785 A little different to the Stake & Bound style jumps I have installed in the past. This one has a but of a mixed style to it. Bit of a Dorset, Lanc’s & Somerset mix. Will thicken up nicely 

What a way to start the season

Just had a great day at the Melplash Hedging competition 2018. Managed a 1st in Local class, 1st in Open class and then Overall winner brilliant start just hope it can last. It was great to see new faces and

End of season to end of summer

Well Im sorry, Ive just come on here to say that’s the end of the summer show season for this year, only to see my last post was stating the end of the hedging season for 17/18. I just dont


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