2 Show long weekend Melplash & Stock Gaylard Oak Fair

Well, the last few days have just been a blur of people, firstly at the Melplash Show then at Stock Gaylard Oak Fair with sunshine all the way. Both these events are really great shows to go to as well as demonstrate at and the locations are great. Loads of interest from simple hedging questions to planting and of course laying. Nice to see old customers popping by. and letting me know how lovely their hedge is looking. Hopefully met some new customers too, some bringing pictures on their phone , saying “Id hoped you would be here, here’s my hedge can you do this etc. etc.” . I did manage to have a very quick walk around later Sunday pm at the Oak Fair and there was some brilliant traders/exhibitors/demonstrators there. Both are well worth a visit next August . Thanks to all the volunteers & Staff for very well run events. Now getting ready to do it all again at Dorset County Show, hope to see you there.